2007 Fantasy Campaign – Paul N vs Andy (1)

The Swindon 2007 Warhammer Fantasy Campaign

Paul Nettle (Dwarfs) vs Andy Cummings (Ogres)

Paul Nettle (Dwarfs) vs Andy Cummings (Ogres)


General, Runesmith, Hand Weapon, Gromril Armour, Shield. Runic Talisman, Master Rune of Balance.

Thane, BSB, Hand Weapon, Gromril Armour, Oath Stone, Runic Standard, Rune of Determination.

19 Dwarf Warriors, Shields, Full Command

19 Dwarf Warriors, Shields, Full Command

10 Handgunners, Shields, Musician

10 Handgunners, Shields, Musician

10 Rangers, Great Weapons, Shields, Veteran, Musician

20 Slayers

Cannon, Engineer, Brace of Pistols

Organ Gun

I don’t have the details of Amdy’s Ogres, but most can be worked out from the pictures.

{EDIT by Andy – My Army details}

Bruiser with Sword of Battle and Wyrdstone necklace

Butcher with Bangstick

20 Cleverer than normal Gnoblars!

2 x 4 Ironguts full command

1 x 5 Bulls full command

4 x Lead Belchers

1 x Slave Giant

{end of EDIT}


On to the Battle!





































Well done to Andy on his win. He was a bit demoralised after my first turn of shooting, when 10 handgunners at long range caused 8 unsaved wounds, but he stuck with it and did terrible damage in combat.

The artillery dice were very fickle. The cannon fired at the Giant twice. The first time I estimated four inches in front of the Giant and rolled ‘8’, then I estimated six inches in front of the Giant and rolled a ‘10’. I should have taken a bolt-thrower instead! The Organ Gun did well on the first two turns, rolling ‘8’ and ‘4’, but in the next two turns I rolled a ‘2’, even after re-rolls. Yes, four ‘2’s in a row. Then it misfired, so couldn’t shoot on Turns 5 and 6. Ah well, that’s dice for you.

I made two massive mistakes in this game. First, I deployed the Rangers to stop the Ogres marching down my left flank, but in fact the Ogres retreated instead, stranding my Rangers in a wood. The Rangers cost 125 points and only got a table quarter for 100 points. My second big mistake was that I should have stopped my General’s unit over-running the Gnoblars, and thus exposing my flank to the Iron Guts. I thought I had got away with it when they fled 10” from the Iron Guts, and got away, but rolling an ‘11’ to rally them on the final turn was fair punishment for my error.

I also made a cheat-type mistake this game. When the Giant charged my Warrior unit the BSB put down his Oath Stone. First, there was no reason to do so, as I was charged in the front. Secondly I forgot that I couldn’t move, and ran-down the Slave Giant (we both rolled 3”). Sorry Andy! It was only my second game with Dwarfs and my first game with an Oath Stone. I won’t make those mistakes again.