2007 Nemesis Campaign – Final Battle

2007 SAD “Nemesis” Fantasy Campaign Final Battle

On Wednesday 5th September 2007 the final battle was held in the 2007 SAD Nemesis Fantasy Campaign.

During July and August, 13 players had fought 41 individual one-on-one battles to build up their armies and decide who the two ‘Warlords’ would be for the final battle. Only the ‘Warlords’ could win the campaign, and each selected their teams from the players available on the night.

Warlord James’ Team was:

James – 2,500 points of Bretonnians

Craig – 1,705 points of Orcs and Goblins

Paul – 1,730 points of Dwarfs and

(to make even numbers) Paul with 1,525 points of Empire.


Warlord Andy’s Team was:

Andy – 2,500 points of Ogres

Ed – 1,840 points of Dwarfs

Matthew – 1,625 points of Dwarfs

Simon – 1,760 points of Skaven.


This gave a total of 15,185 points of troops on the table!


James’ Bretonnians prayed to the Lady of the Lake – Andy therefore took first turn.


The aim of the battle was to capture as many hills as possible. There were 3 hills, placed centrally down the table, and to win the Campaign a Warlord had to get his team to capture at least two of them.



















Hill 1 – Andy’s Ogres charged over the hill and hit the Orcs and Goblins with great force. The Empire detachment sent to help the green-skins was destroyed very quickly by the Ogres, and Craig was left on his own. Despite a heroic battle, the Ogres maintained control of Hill 1. First hill to Andy.





Hill 2 – Paul’s ‘Strollaz’s Rune’ got his Dwarfs onto the hill before the Skaven, but the Skaven had 6 Rattling Guns and attempted to shoot the Dwarfs off the hill. This nearly worked, but with the assistance of the Empire shooters and the Gyrocopter, the Dwarfs held on. Hill 2 to James.




Hill 3 – James was heavily outnumbered, but his Bretonnian ‘lances’ charged heedlessly into the massed ranks of Dwarfs. This met mixed success, and the two Dwarf units of unbreakable ‘Slayers’ stopped the Bretonnians dead in their tracks. However, the Bretonnians rallied and the battle was almost won on the last turn, but the two Dwarf armies hung on. Hill 3 to Andy.



With 2 out of the 3 hills, Andy was the winner!