28mm Napoleonic – the game

The following are picture the game mentioned in the previous post, we actually started off with the pre-deployment I laid out for fun last night as Derek and Paul the French players thought it fine.  The french quickly advanced and committed a brigade to attack the Russians holding the line between the two batteries – and were quickly dispersed, while on the right flank the French Cavalry made short work of the Russian Hussars and Cossacks and quickly claimed dominance on the right flank.

The Russians consolidated by contracting and the stoic Uhlans now held the Russian right flank and were subjected to round shot from the light battery in the village – yet did not move an inch!  Meanwhile the french lines advanced and were generally repulsed – the Russians with their artillery were creating fair amounts of damage – yet even though there were a few holes in the french lines and units falling back and unformed the Russians were unable to execute orders to advance and slowly through superb use of tactical marches the french plugged the gap and then towards the end the Russian guns on the left flank already on low ammunition ran out of ammo and retired from the field leaving a large whole to fill – at the same time withering fire from the French lines was creating many casualties amongst the Russian brigades who stoically took the fire yet were unable to launch their columns to take on the french line.

The battle then pivoted around a charge led by the French CinC to take the large Russian redoubt – again the 12Ib guns already on low ammo were unable to stall the french charge and were soundly beaten by the attacking column and line opening up a significant gap in the lines…

While back on the Russian right flank the Lancers on hold orders all game – used their brigadier to change orders and go on the assault – with the French Dragoons soundly beaten off they were about to capitalise yet were forced to retire to reform… the Russian brigade to the right of the large redoubt had mixed success with the Jagear soundly beaten – yet the Line were able to rout the french attacking column…

Overall with the Chassuers a Pied now engaged and the French Grand Battery brought to bare with suport from the superb 1/2 battery of the guard, the inability of the Russians to change orders – and the holes from the guns – the french were poised to take the upper hand – but as with many large wargames- we run out of time….

A superb game where we learned a lot more about the many subtleties of the General de Brigade rules and the more we play the more enjoyable and more realistic (well as realistic as wargames can) they get…

Thanks to Derek and Paul for a great game and already looking forward to the next!

Now the images:




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