Fathers Day 2011 – ECW

Today we gathered for our third year on fathers day for a small game of ECW.

There were four of us, Mike and Phil commanded the Royalist cause, while Warren and I commanded the forces of Parliament.

Basically the idea was to put on roughly equal forces – although I am sure the Royalists would claim otherwise.

11 Regiments of Pike and Shot
8 or more regiments of Gallopers
3 sakers, 2 Culverins

9 regiments of Pike and Soot
11 regiments of Mounted…
Unit of dismounted dragons
2 Sakers
2 Falconets

Foot regiments were typically close to 1:1 ratio so around 20 to 24 pike with 2*12 shot so around 1000 figures of foot with probably over 200 mounted.

The terrain was quite crowded- something we regretted slightly especially in the centre with the fields slowing down movement.

We used WECW rules with a few amendments of our own. For example we did not bother with points, we simply put down the figures and proceeded to play. We determined what training level you were the first time it was needed, each unit would role a d6: 1-4 =Raw, 5 = steady and 6 was veteran – we did not include any chance to get elite.

Steady received Light armour, while Vets got heavy armour.

I think we got two maybe 3 veteran units a couple of steady and the rest were Raw.

Additionally everyone started off with limited ammo and then once that was gone they would have one more shot by throwing 1-4 on d6, a 5 or 6 meant they were out of ammo for rest of game…

Overall we found the above to work very well and did not slow game down at all.

Overall the day was won by Parliament after the left flank under Mike collapsed with utterly dismal combat results from the Gallopers (low morale is devastating in this game!) The right flank of the royalists quickly fell away as well although they did start to rally on the start line but to late to save the day – the only bright spot for the royalists was their devastating artillery which tore into our centre line of pike and shot causing many casualties and a number of units to retire, additionally a lone Regiment of royalist foot punched through the centre line of Parliament – but was quickly caught in the rear by some parliament mounted and was destroyed.

Overall a superb game and we are already planning next years little game – which looks like a return to Persia (see 2009 game: http://wabforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5951&p=60906&hilit=fathers+day#p61358)

Now to the extensive gallery – hope you enjoy:


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