600 point Flames of War Ladder

Hi Guys,

Is anyone interested in a 600 point FOW ladder for a couple of weeks?

I toyed with the idea of doing it like the campaign that Paul N ran recently for WHFB but thought “Naaa sod it! Let’s keep it simple.

600 points as per page 185 of the main rule book.

Choose an army from the 2 MID war books (Afrika, & Ostfront)
Create the small company then, stick with it through thick and thin.
Table size 3′ x 4′.
Scenery as per the random generator in the back of the book. highest roll on the dice chooses if armies are from different books.
Winner swaps with the loser, if they were lower, or goes up a level if they were on the same level.

We should be able to get 2 games in per night if you don’t take too long thinking, talking or re-moving.

I’ll email it out to everyone on my email and mention it at the club.
Aiming to start on the 17th September.



  1. Ok, a slight amendment / tightening up on the above out line rules.

    No Armoured vehicles with side armour greater than 4, OR top armour greater than 1.

    First games will be played on WEDNESDAY this week.

    Bring your Companies along and enjoy the FUN.


  2. Hi Paul,
    Glad to have you on the battle field.
    Come along any wednesday and join in the games.
    Most of us have a good grip on the rules and can show you the ropes and a few tricks 😉


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