Porcindon’s Fate: The Final Battle


Although the tide may have turned, and the Forces of Disorder had started to gain the upper hand, Vrax the Festering Pustulance of Mallow IX knew that he was running out of time to stabilise the daemonworld of Mordraden III into reality. The inhabitants of Porcindon, terrified at the appearance of the foul world above in orbit, had flocked to churches, temples and shrines,  ferverently praying to the Emperor for deliverance; these outpourings of faith, coupled with the exploits of Imperial forces in battle had stopped the chaos world fully translating.

One such focal point of worship was the Basilica of St Bob in Gleesonhive; the relics of the ancient saint had been glowing with holy light since Mordraden III first appeared.  Vrax directed his forces to take out this centre of worship, in conjunction with an ancient Chaotic ritual that should tie the two worlds together in perpetuity.

However, Eldar farseers and Imperial auguries had all predicted these events, and the Forces of Order  decided to act to prevent this terrible fate.  In fact, the Eldar having been conspicuously absent from battle over the last few weeks, had actually been marshalling their forces for this point in the campaign.  The Forces of Order planned a direct attack on the daemonworld; a strike team assembled to try and halt the ritual before it forever linked the two worlds together….

The night began with the campaign scores in favour of the Forces of Disorder: 624 to 591, and with 8 Warlords per side, along with numerous psykers, no one doubted that the outcome would be bloody.

On the Porcindon table, the defence of the Basilica of St Bob was orchestrated by two forces of Imperial Guard, along with a group of allied Tau, and a small handful of Eldar; among them Eldrad.  A Wraithknight and a Riptide standing together made an impressive sight, bolstering the courage of the defenders even more.  Against them, a mixed force of Chaos Marines, Dark Eldar, Necrons and Orks begun their assault, the later force led by Ghazghkull himself.  With a total of 5 flyers inbound towards the combat zone, the battle was going to be hard fought.

The assault of the daemon planet of Mordraden III was a dangerous task.  A combined taskforce of Space Wolves, Blood Angels and Crimson Fists had been joined by a group of Eldar from the Iyanden craftworld.  Not only did they have to negotiate toxic pox swamps, any casualties they took  during the battle would reanimate as zombies!  Aside from these horrors, a force of Nurgle Chaos Marines, Necrons, Orks and Necrons aimed to repel the invaders, whilst they tried to conduct the binding rituals for the two planets.

The Imperial forces could increase their effectiveness by praying to the Emperor, whilst on the ritual sites, Disorder psykers could summon a Warp Tether; a column of warp energy that linked the two tables.  Any Disorder troops close to an anchored point would be rejuvenated with warp energies, and the longer that the Tethers remained, the more likely that the two planets would be irrevocably joined.  The Forces of Order would have to concentrate on severing the conjured ties; once one end was destroyed on one battleground, the other end of the Tether would disappear from the other table.

The initial clashes were bloody; straight away, the Forces of Order assaulting the daemon planet took out one of the daemon-princes tasked with conjuring the Warp Tethers, limiting the defenders to summoning only two in the second turn.

The gunline defending the Basilica on Porcindon were causing multiple casualties on the attackers, forcing them to try and outflank on either side, whilst the Eldar counter attacked down the middle; Eldrad became embroiled in a challenge against a Cultist champion for a few turns!

In the third turn, the machinations of Chaos became apparent; Ghazghzull’s Orks on the Disorder right flank were suddenly enveloped by a terrible warp lighting storm, blowing them and their gretchin slaves to pieces; when the storm had abated, there were no Orks left in sight!  However, the Chaos Daemon Princes that that summoned the storm had achieved their objective; the wholesale slaughter of their ‘allies’ had consecrated the battlefield as a sacred Chaos site, and the Daemon Princes on Porcindon were now able to summon Warp Tethers from their position, in addition to their compatriots on the daemon world; soon both tables were covered in Tethers, bathing the Disorder forces in their extra power.

For the first three turns, the Forces of Order had been outscoring their opponents, but only by small amounts.  However, in their fourth turn, they set about destroying a whole swathe of Tethers, scoring more Stabilisations Points in that turn alone than they’d managed in the whole of the first week’s games!

The Forces of Disorder fought back valiantly, and by the end of the 5th and final turn, they’d managed to get nine Tethers linking the two worlds together, but in the end, they couldn’t quite make up the tally, and the day (and the Campaign) belonged to the Forces of Order!

With an almighty shudder of the Warp, the daemon world of Mordraden III returned to the domain of Chaos leaving Porcindon damaged, but still standing – the sector would survive until it’s next great challenge….






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