A Brief Respite – Game 3

The third battle in the campaign saw the Dark Elf remnants engage the might of Karag Wittenbury.   Derek brought along a Gyrocopter, a unit of Thunderers, 2 units of Warriors, 2 units of Longbeards, and a unit of Slayers.  I took a Dark Elf army almost entirely of Repeating Crossbowmen with characters.

Being outgunned Derek had to advance his dwarves across the table, though to be frank apart from his Slayers and his own missile troops I didn’t do much damage to his troops as they crossed the table.  His Gyrocopter was shot down once it made it across and his Slayers were reduced heavily before charging home against the Dark Elves.

The assassin hiding in the crossbow unit quickly dispatched a few of the slayers for little damage in return.  With the Slayers being unbreakable the Dark Elf victory meant little more than I wasn’t running away.  In the centre the Dwarven line continued to advance whilst I retreated by repeating crossbows before him.  On the right it was a tit for tat shooting match between a repeating crossbow unit and my Bolt Thrower against the thunderers.

The fourth round proved to be the most significant and the I charged my Dark Elves in the centre against the advancing Longbeards.  Another Assassin was revealed and coupled with my tooled up Master in the second unit the Dwarves were stopped.  One unit broke and the other held.  I wasn’t able to run down the dwarves before they rallied in their next turn.  The other unit continued on until my next turn when I got another unit into the flank and the unit was broken as well.  This time I managed to run down the fleeing troops. Whilst my other advancing troop charged home into the previously fleeing Longbeard unit.

Meanwhile on my left flank the last of the Slayers were finally despatched but a unit of crossbowmen were beaten and run down by a Warrior unit.  My victorious crossbow unit moved to engage but wasn’t able to do anything further through the remainder of the battle.  On the right flank the last of the Thunderers were eventually killed.

The last turn saw my Crossbow with Master unit engaging the Longbeards.  Despite a heroic fight the Dwarves were beaten and run down.  The game ended as a Dark Elf victory.  I enjoyed the game – I just hope that Derek did.



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