A Daemon Prince Writes – 40K Campaign Report

SAD Wargamers Warhammer 40K Campaign Battle Report

Imperial Forces: Paul Nettle; Green Angels Space Marines.
Heretic’s: Tony Francis; Revenge of Horus Chaos Space Marines.
Mission: Annihilate; Dawn of War.
Tony’s Daemon Prince writes:

As dawn broke on the eastern edge of the city, Lord Krak’Ahern flew alone over Saint’s Hill into the Sancum Imperialis,(south west of the Imperial Road) while my Tzeentch warrior’s took the crossroad’s,(Imp.Rd/Emmperor’s Highway), and the Thousand Son’s headed for the Basilica Administratum.(northeast of the Imp.Rd). Lord Krak’Ahern tried for the Chapel,(north centre of the Emp.High), only to be cut in half in mid-flight by 3 land speeder’s assault cannon’s hidden behind the Holy Sanctum(northwest Imp Rd). Surprise fire erupted from the Chapel, stunning the (Tzeench Warriors) Rhino at the crossroads – luckily they had already disembarked and headed for the Sanctum Imperialis! The fire fight between the Thousand Son’s and the Administatum defender’s roared on for over an hour!

My Emperor’s Children managed to embed themselves in the Manufactorum,(southeast of the Imp.Rd next to Tor Hill) joined by the World Eater’s while I flew to the crossroad’s. The size of a Deamon Prince, my size must have petrified them!! I spotted an Imperial Chaplain leading a large number of assault marines around the Administatum, so called for my Obliterator’s to take care of them. The air sparked with electrical charges, and smelt of burning flesh as they appeared and fired without thought, only killing a 3rd of their number!

The battle raged on as the mid-day sun scorched the earth. This is when I really lost my first battle of my 6 in this campaign!! Over the next hour the Administratum defenders, the chaplain’s assault marines, joined by a dreadnought SLAUGHTERED the World Eater’s before they got close enough to do their job, and all but the sorcerer of the Thousand Son’s! As the sorcerer fell in hand to hand, I managed to wipe out the chaplain AND the assault marines! Although turning 1 of my enemies into a Spawn did make me happier! My Emperor’s children left the dreadnought immobile and weapon-less, but still standing. On the other side a 3rd enemy unit had taken control of the Holy Sanctum,(northwest of the Emp.High) joining the Chapel defender’s and land speeder’s and a 2nd dreadnought to finish the Tzeench Warriors Rhino and Obliterator’s.

I called my reserve Obliterator’s, but after only destroying the 2nd dreadnought and 2 of the marines in the Chapel. The Obliterators were soon dispatched with ease! My Tzeench Warriors tried to take the Holy Sanctum at close quarter’s, only to be stalemated!!

I am sure the only reason the GOD’S pulled us back to the warp, without turning me into a spawn is the fact that I have not totally failed them before! I do not believe I will be so lucky if I fail again!!

Green Angels 6 kill pt’s
Revenge of Horus’s 3 kill pt’s
Well done to my opponent! Revenge will be mine!!


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