A SAD Conclusion – 40K Campaign Final 2009

A SAD Conclusion


After an 8 week campaign to find the 2 best 40K generals, a Final BIG Battle was fought on Wednesday 8th July.  Of the original 16 Players plus 1 later addition, 4 from the Imperium and 4 from the Axis of Evil turned up to do battle.



Paul Belcher (General) Marines

James Funnell, Marines

Paul Nettle, Marines

Craig Ford, Tyranids.. (Craig had forgotten to bring his Guard).


Axis of Evil

Craig Poulden (General) Eldar

Tony Francis, Chaos Marines (Mixed)

Matt Davies, Nurgle Marines

James Manley, Chaos Demons (Mixed)


The mission was a capture, 3 objectives with the centre Landing Pad worth 2 VP’s, however each General had a side mission that they had to kill off one of the sub-generals from the opposition for an extra VP, if the Generals Army personally did the deed this would be worth 2 VP’s, this mission had to be kept secret from all the other players.  The Generals were also given a number of assets available to be used in the game, to try to influence the outcome in a positive Manner.


The battlefield awaits


The Axis won the roll off for deployment and first turn (hopefully), they used this deployment to load up in front of the central objective with a lightly opposed right flank objective.  The Daemon army waiting in the warp.

The Imperium used their deployment to be able to contest all 3 objectives, the 2 Pauls in the centre, James F on the left and Craig F on the right.  After the assets that allowed redeployments etc the Imperium tried to gain the initiative for first turn and FAILED…


Turn 1

The Axis charged forward to the central objective and land fully 1 third on the objective.


Eldar and Chaos Marines on the central objective


On the Axis Left the Daemons rushed the Objective and claimed it, but refused  the right flank and objective.

The Imperium responded with counter charges, taking their left flank and pushing towards the right, however despite large amounts of shooting, made little impact on the central objective.

Axis 3 Imperium 1


Turn 2

The Axis consolidated on the central objective and made ready to receive the charge of the Tyranids on the left.  The Axis launched the first assaults against the Imperium and made reasonable headway with many Imperial units suffering heavy losses.

The Imperium consolidated their hold on the right but were beaten back from the right by the Daemons.  A number of ongoing assaults in the centre only increased the Axis hold on the Centre.  Paul N’s General succumbed to his wounds, however as the wounds were caused by 2 players(Craig and Tony) this only gave the Axis 1 VP.

Axis 4 Imperium 1


Turn 3

This was the turn that the Imperium had to make a push, time was already running close to 10PM.

The Axis continued to hold the left and Centre and with their secondary target in the bag were well ahead.


 Eldar and Chaos Marines still dominate the central objective


The Imperium pushed towards the centre and right but just could not break through the solid Axis defence, the Nid’s were again pushed back and despite Mats Nurgle General going down to a combination of the Pauls shooting (awarding 1VP) could make no head way.

At this point with time the deciding factor the Axis had won 4-2.




Matt, James M, Craig P, Tony(Rear), Craig F(Front), Paul B, Paul N and James F



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