A Spikey Weekend

On the weekend of 8 th and 9 th may, SADs 40k Ubermiester and his trusty lieutenant Paul Sheehan, attended a campaign weekend hosted by the Spikey Boyz at the Post Office social club in Reading.WH40K – A Spikey Weekend (by Sean Councill) The weekend consisted of 6 games of 40k, 4 on Saturday, 1x40k in 40 minutes, 1x1000pt game and 2x1500ptgames, and 2 on Sunday.2x1500pt games, as a set of themed games developing along a narrative developed by Sean and Dave of the Spikey Club. On arrival we found we were to be split up into different teams, as they wanted each team to run on a theme, so Paul found himself playing in a five-man team of Chaos, Paul having a Khorne Worldeaters Chaos SM army calling themselves S-Club Juniors. Sean with his usual Dark Eldar Wyches playing in a team with 1 Dark Eldar and 3 TAU armies, (it just happened to be the easiest way to bunch an odd set of armies) calling themselves For the Greater Bad.

After a long weekend there happened to be 3 teams way out in front, S-Club, The 5 Horsemen (Nurgle SM) and For the Greater Bad.

So the SAD 40k Ubermiester had to play second fiddle as S-Club won the weekend ahead of The Horsemen pipping The Greater Bad into 3rd.

Paul and the winning the other winning team members…

Thanks to the Spikey Boyz for another excellent weekend of Mirth, merriment and sometimes total weirdness.

If you wish to find any more info then check out their website at: –


Sean – SADs 40k Ubermiester.