All about SAD WArgamers

Please take you time and have a good look around there is something here for most gamers, and for those looking to get into the hobby!

The club meets every week at the Moredon Community Centre, 1 The Street, Moredon. Meeting time is 7pm to 11pm on Wednesday evenings.


Moredon Community Centre 1 The Street. Swindon SN25 3ER

Scheduled Games – Wednesday Nights
All types of games are played some more regular than others – but our members are a varied lot and are willing to try anything!

Games played include: WAB, WH40K, DBM/M, FoG, FoW, ACW/AWI, Napoleonics, MechWarrior DA, Battletech, many different card & board games, Darkest Africa, Starship Troopers, SWAG, Colonial, WW2 Naval, etc…

To learn more please contact any of the following club members: Paul, Mark, Graham, Stefan & Brychan


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