… and then the normal service was resumed.. Game 4

Following the battle against the Dwarves I saw my Dark Elves engaged by the unholy host of James Vampire hordes.

Without thinking I took the same army which I’d used against Derek, which was probably not the best choice to make.

The game proved to be fairly short.

James took three Skeleton units, a unit of undead knights, a unit of wraiths and Banshee, an undead cart, and two vampires.

James advanced his forces across the battlefield very quickly marching and using magic.  My missile fire whilst fairly effective had little impact as James quickly replenished his units with magic.

Hi cavalry was the first to enagage but fluffed the first attack.  I managed to kill one in return but this meant the combat was a draw.  The next round saw the cavalry against fail, but the Dark Elves also didn’t achieve anything, so were broken through being outnumbered.

We were in combat fairly quickly, but despite winning the first few combats I was unable to reduce his ranks sufficiently.  It was only a matter of time before he eventually won a round of combat and forced my troops to flee which they did in fairly short order and each unit was run down in the pursuit.  My unit which had gone to face the Wraiths and Banshee were not able to achieve anything and despite outnumbering the fearcausing enemy was soon broken.

With only a unit left facing a unit of skeletons I was forced to admit defeat.  A comprehensive win to James



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