+++ TO: COMMAND +++
Reports indicated that there was a downed tripod in the area – recovery of this could give us valuable information about the invaders. And close by the intel had reported on a holding area for Human captives. Obviously being kept ready to be processed as food. However the Martians must have known we were coming! And before we could move, they hit us.

1A large force of tripods moved on our forward base. They had a mixture of units, assault and scout tripods, as a well as a couple of slavers with both lobototons and drones in tow. Behind them came four of the grenadier tripods. The grenadiers opened up first, launching black dust cannisters at us, and damn were they accurate (we realised later that they were using the scouts to target us). But whilst they were accurate, they didn’t seem to be able to do much damage – in the opening salvo we only lost a Mk III Steamer and an element of Rough Riders!

2Although we were taken by surprise, Patton’s Boys reacted well. The tanks moved out and opened fire, taking down one of the assault tripods. Those things can really burn when you hit them right! The assault tripod was hit by a unit of Mk IIIs, and went critical lighting up the battle field. And several more units, including one of the slavers took a beating.

The the Martians started to get the upper hand, advancing closer and opening fire again. A few more units were lost this time, either destroyed or routed. But as before there could have been a lot more losses.3

However our forces couldn’t push any sort of advantage, and we did little damage. One unit of Doughboys did move in to assault a tripod, but failed to make any impact on the Martian machine.
The Martians continued to push forwards, and this time they seemed to find the mark. We lost around a dozen tanks. Fortunately not every attack went the invaders’ way – the Commander survived as did the clamper! The down side was that more tripods appeared in the distance.

4Thankfully we had some reserves of our own, two platoons of Mk IIs, two platoons of Mk IIIs and a platoon of Mk IImg. The fight around the bunker became intense as the remaining units bolstered by the reserves opened fire.

The slaver was a prime target, and thankfully it was taken down. The infantry in the area breathed a sigh or relief as the drones and lobototons in the area stopped and fell silent.

5Now the clamp tank, having survived the recent onslaught, powered into action. It raced in front of the bunker, past the scout tripod and clamped onto the assault tripod threatening the base. Having latched onto the leg of the Martian machine, the crew bailed out and dived into the trenches.

Meanwhile on the far side of the field, the Rough Riders were also having some success against the Martians. They raced towards a tripod and fired the grappling hooks. One held and the Martian was pinned.6

What followed next was a ding dong fight between the two forces, resulting in a blood bath across the battlefield. Tanks fell to the sweep of the heat ray, and tripods went down under ferocious fire from the tankers. The fighting was heaviest in front of the base, where one of the tripods went critical under fire, taking out Martians and Humans alike.

7The battle raged on, with units of both sides falling. On the far side of the battlefield the Rough Riders went for a second tripod and successfully pinned it. But the tide was turning, and the Martians were making progress against the Humans.

Ultimately they overran the bunker, and took the battlefield. What units remained retreated leaving the Martians victorious. Although we lost the day, the Martians paid a high price for their victory today. Next time we will be ready.

Below is a gallery of the days events – please note teh AAR report was written by Paul Nippress and all photos also courtesy of Paul.