Campaign begins 5th June!

The Prologue began with many more commanders for the Forces of Order answering their calling, outnumbering their opponents 2 to 1.  They arrived to find a well defended Chaos Shrine, with a cultist squad about to start the ritual to activate the beacon and draw the daemon world of Mordraden III into orbit.  There were many bastions, defence lines and a whole host of nurgly defenders.

The attackers won the rolls to go first, but found their route to stop the ritual blocked by  a nest and two warp rifts, from which more defenders sprang.  A giant rocky behemoth was also stomping towards them, anxious to pound the Imperials into the ground.

For the first few turns, despite destroying the nest and stemming the flow of chaos reinforcements, the ritual went un-interrupted; that was until a swathe of cultists on top of the shrine were killed by Andrew’s Wave Serpent and its new-found shield power.  The defending forces found their reserve cultists bogged down in terrain, and the flow of Stabilisation Points dried up for the Forces of Disorder.

Paul B’s librarian then took the next few turns racking up SPs, along with some of the other good players who killed several daemon units.  The behemoth in the centre field would just not die, regenerating wounds and passing invulnerable and FNP saves again and again against all kinds of powerful shooting attacks.

However, in the last turn, the flow of SPs dried up from the attackers, and despite having their last cultists destroyed, the Forces of Disorder managed to win a few challenges, and crucially, the rock giant remained locked in combat, denying the Forces of Order vital SPs.

The final score was 43 to 41 in favour of the bad guys…

Porcindon's Fate - Prologue 1

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