Well, last year was a complete failure with regards Wargames Resolutions. All went well until February. So this year I will try to stick with it to mid-April.

Again after much arm wrestling, stating my attributes and fending off all other rivals, I have kept my position as Treasurer. I have therefore become the longest serving committee member in the history of the club. Which means that I should know every members name, address, date of birth, wargames interest, wedding anniversary, divorce anniversary, kids birthdays and favourite tipple.  Unfortunately, I struggle with the christian names of over half of club members. Therefore, this year, 2008, I will attempt to make contact with a 40K player, understand the lingo and endeavour to play 2 games, Yes I said 2 games; of Warhammer, Sci-Fi, Tau marine of Macragge in 40K type thingy.

 I will also endeavour to play 2 games of Warhammer, no guns or firing stick ancients type game. Afterall, I do have a couple of Ancient armies.

I concede that FOW is still a good game even though it has beome mainstream at our club and I will paint some 15mm WW2 figures. Ideally I will arrange a game with somone not called Warren or Phil.

I will also try to have a game with Graham and really try to be serious and not to question his interpretation of any rule in any system we play accept for Flank attacks in Principles of War.  

So, these resolutions should keep me busy until 2015 at least. 

I will try to keep you all updated as I know you all wait with baited breath for my next article.

I was going to sign this article Anonynymusous but I can’t spell the word and stating I was the treasurer has probably given the game away. 


Simon Foreman