This is the grand event of the year (well maybe not – but it’s all for CHARITY). Today (Wednesday 19th December) is the SAD Wargamers Charity Dice Roll Off, so come along, and remember to bring your money and prizes.

There are various things already being committed from members. Remember that everything is welcomed, and all of the money raised goes to a good cause.

So bring along your excess unwanted items, all those long forgotten projects, those momentary lapses of financial judgement, or simply those unfortunate spasms of bad taste, everything is welcome and will go into the Dice Roll Off.

Even if you don’t have an item, how about a service? Perhaps offering to paint one unit of figures, or a piece of scenery, a lift to a show, nothing should be excluded. Either bring along a piece of paper with the offer on, or let me know before the event.

So far I’m aware of

  • Fabulous Unit box sets from Companions Ancient & Napoleonic 28mm figure rangesĀ 
  • Vouchers generously donated by TSS
  • An excellent selection of TAG 28mm unit packs from the Hobbybox
  • Africa wargamers colonial source book from Hersants Books
  • A large WizKids Star Wars Imperial battle set
  • 28mm Plastic Goblin infantry units (spear and bow) unpainted
  • Flames of War source material (OK a selection of Commando Magazines)
  • Victory at Sea Source material (OK it’s another selection of Commando Magazines….)
  • A 25mm unit of Ancient Greek Cavalry (painted is a somewhat fanciful term, some even have shields!)
  • A unit of 28mm plastic Orc Spearmen
  • A unit of 28mm Plastic Orc Archers
  • Cthulhu Mythos Collectable Card game starter deck
  • 7th Sea Collectable Card Game starter deck
  • 15mm trench section (…?…)
  • Book: “Warhammer: Tales of the Old World” from BL Publishing
  • Resin scenery: 3 Tree stand
  • Painted Unit of 15mm Early Imperial Romans
  • Painted (ha ha ha thud!) 28mm Celtic chariot and crew
  • A rare much sought after red Games Day 2007 volunteers bay (coor!)
  • A Mishmash bag of 15mm miniatures
  • A boxed set of Eldar WH40K Warriors
  • A boxed Samurai Warriors Card Game
  • A collection of the Companion Miniatures boxed set collectors figures

And no doubt many more which I’ve missed or simply haven’t been told about.