Battle of Prokhorovka (well part of it anyhow!)

Below are images from the glorious Russian victory at Prokhorovka. A game played using Flames of War rules, some 15,500 points of Soviets (mostly conscripts!) vs 10,100 points of Veteran germans. We managed to get 9 turns in playing from around 9.15am through to 4pm – with about a 40min stop for lunch – so a very decent number of turns and a clear victory for the Russians.

OK – we did’nt kill a single Tiger (and had very little that could kill one!) – and they only had 6 – but by turn 9 they did not have much left other than the tigers and all three objectives in their half were being contested…

Soviets: Andy, Steve, Peter
Germans: Phil, Paul, Vince



  1. It looks very impressive, though looking at the position around Paul in the final pictures it seems to be a very loose use of the term contested.

    This has definately got my interest up again for Flames of War (though probably on a lot smaller points scale)



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