Blood Bowl ladder game report 1

Ok Craig and I (Phil) squared up against each other last wednesday evening Amazons (Cheers galore) Vs Orcs (Even More Cheers)Commentry courtesy of Des and Gary again….

Des; Another lovely day and a packed stadium.
Gary; Yes 40,000 taday what a racket they are making.
D; The Orcs have kicked off and back goes the Amazon, but fails to pick it up.
G; the Orcs punch through the Amazon line, the Tigers are all over the floor, Oh and what’s this?
D; Yes Gary Leslie from the Tigers is Knocked out and on her way to the dug out!
G; Oh and look at that Babbs from the Tigers has Knocked herself out on an Orc!
D; Yes but not before Tammy got the ball, oh and now she’s lost the ball to a blitz and the ball is bouncing around…
D; But Lizzie has the ball, she runs down field a quick pass to Lucy who dashes down the field and Scoooooooressssss

G; Well that’s 1-0 to the Amazons, did you see the fouls that the Goblin was putting in?
D; No I’ll check the action replay at half time.
G; Doesn’t look like the Ref saw them too.

G; Amazon Kick, Oh and they Blitz the Orcs and bounce off again, It’s Tania this time that’s off to the KO’d box.
D; the ball’s loose. Another Tiger’s down Number 9 from the Orc’s that time.
G;Oh and there’s a turn up for the books Orc 4 KO’d while trying to push Tiger Lavender into the crowd.
D; The Amazons are getting their own back now, quite a few orcs down. But what’s this?
G; neat bit of work by number 7 picks the ball up and throws to number 9 again who runs through.
D; I saw the Goblin do it that time! Fouling little Gobbo!
G; The ref didn’t though, The amazons are surrounding Number 9 oh and Lucy is stunned.
D; And now the Goblin has fallen over.
G; Oh NO Referee!
D; The ref must have been watching the Goblin Because Lizzie went in for a foul and got spotted!
G; Yup she’s off for the rest of the game!
D; That dirty Goblin has fouled again, Cleo this time though.
G that’s half time…

D; Ok Gary it’s a new half and the Amazons Kick.
G; Orc 7 picks up and throws to Orc 6.
D; oh and down goes the Black orc. That doesn’t happen very often!
G; Orc 13 ‘s got the ball he’s running slowly towards the end line.
D; the Amazons are pissed now down go the orcs like a lot of elves.
G; orc 13 does a bad pass and Babbs looks a wee bit groggy after that block…Oh hold on I’m hearing there’s a fatality!
D; Yes Gary Babbs the Tigers Blitzer is dead. She’ll be sorely missed.
G; that was orc 9 again. Quite a good orc that one worth keeping an eye on I’ll say.
D; Game on. The orcs have the ball again it’s handed off to number 9 who drops it!
G; the Amazons fail their block, and orc 1 Ko’s Brenda.
D; did you see that?
G; It’s that Goblin again! He’s fouled Lara.
D; Oh and another failed block! This time from Bonny.
G; there they go taking full advantage of a woman being on her back…
D; My sentiments exactly!
G; NO not that Des. They’ve gone and run in a touch down!
D; Oh yes that was number 6.

Des; A new Kick off and both sides fans are throwing stones. No hold on it was just the Orcs but they hit a player from both sides.
Gary; Yes Lucy and Number 7 have been hit, so down they go.
D; the Amazons push back the Orcs and both throwers go back to defend the ball.
G; Bloody Goblin is fouling again, yes it’s lucy this time.
D: Final minutes of the game no one can score and the Amazons pull back from the Orcs and that’s the end of the game!!!!!

1-1 another draw.

The Swindon Tigers get $50,000 from the gate.
The Orcs (sorry can’t remember their team name) get $20,000 from the gate.

The Swynnedon Tigers loose 1 fan factor and the Orcs stay the same.


REROLLS CAN BE BOUGHT BUT COST DOUBLE THE INITIAL COST. IE if initial cast was $50K then you pay $100K from the first game onwards
Craig please reduce you fan factor back down to 4, and amend your table to cover the additional cost for buying the re rolls. Just in case you can’t remember you had 2 plus 1 for your leader.

Thanks Guys



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