Blood Bowl ladder game report 10

A game report… D; It’s a lousy day out there!
G; It sure is Des it’s blowing a blizzard!
D; It hasn’t stopped the 22,000 fans from coming to watch the game though!
G; They had the Toss in the tunnel before coming out and the Carving through team of woodelves have got the Kick off.
D; Ok There’s the line up and Oh the Tigers have Jumped a little early and moved before the ball is kicked.
G; There goes the ball and the elves have been pushed the other way the Tigers have the ball but one of their girls is down.
D; That’s a nice sight, a girl down that is! But the woodies have fought the line back oh there’s one from both team down now!
G; It looks a bit of a grudge match cos here’s the Elf Apothacary on to revive the young lady!
D; I find good snog with a whiskery top lip works for most women Gary!
G; Hmmm Not as good as a nice packet of cheese and onion tho!
D; There go the Tigers pushing back the elf line again and looks like Lynette the wood elf number 13 has been unlucky and is being taken off on the stretcher, just Knocked out tho so no need to worry you woodie fans.
G; This is a real humdinger of a match they are really going for it the elves have formed a pack in the middle of the field and are trying to break through the Tigers centre.
D; There goes the Amazon attack down the right wing a couple of line Amazons by the look of it. They’ve made it half way down the pitch before they are caught by elf defences. that wardancer Wendy got to the ball Carrier too! Knocked the ball out of the throwers hands. That won’t be going down towards the attack any more.
G; she only barged her towards the side line though Ah she’s got the Elf catcher running up the field into the Amazon half I see.
D; Very nice target, lovely legs!
G; Keep your mind on the game please Des. Wendy has dived on the ball and knocked it into the crowd.
D; lovely throw in from that elf supporter. It’s gone right down to the Elf Catcher in the Amazon half of the field.
G; The Tigers aren’t letting the ball get away that easily!
D; Nope that’s for sure, they’ve flattened the Catcher Charlotte a bit of a stunner that one!
G; Mind on the game!
D; I mean she’s been stunned by the impact.
G; Oh! Tania the Amazon thrower has got her own back on Wendy the wardancer by fouling her and Knocking her out!
D; Gary have you noticed the aggro at the elven end? Those 2 Amazon Linewomen have been battling the elven defence non stop and it looks like they are free for the moment.
G; Hey up Des the elves have formed a line in front of the Amazons and a are closing in.
D; they’ve left 2 fighting the linies down the bottom but no body is watching Cleo the Amazons catcher.
G; There it goes the Amazons have bent the right wing back and sent Tammy the thrower through to throw to… Yes you’ve guessed it Cleo who runs in a touch down.
D; She gone over to help drag off the stunned Laura one of the 2 linewomen from the right wing battle.
G; That was as viscious a start to a game as I’ve seen in a long time.
D; and it looks like the sun wants to see too cos here it comes and there goes all that horrible snow and Ice.
G; That has got to be one of the worst kick off’s I’ve seen in ages. Straight out. Well the elves have it and if any one can score in 2 goes it’s the Elves.
D; I’m not bad at scoring too Gary!
G; Hmmm The fight is back on. there are people hurting themselves all over. The Elf catcher has made her way up field again.
D; Can’t be long to the half time whistle now There are 3 Amazons down but no way of getting the ball to the Catcher Charlotte and there’s the whistle for half time.
G; It’s 1-0 to the Swynnedon Tigers and it looks like it could get vicious in the next half.

Gary; This afternoon your in for a real treat… We have Jon Motleson and Hedward Waring for you.

J; Hi Gary, I wish they’d told me the Snow had finished I’m stood here in my sheep skin coat and it’s lovely weather now.
H; Here we go, the Swynnedon Tigers have kicked the ball high up in to the sky or should I say stands? That’s well off the pitch.
J; The ball’s been given to Wendy wardancer and the Elves start the push oh but down goes Lara elf linewoman.
H; AAAAh but the Tigerrs are coming back at them, that’s 2 down and a stun and a block on the wardancer down here on the wing.
J; They left the door open there though Heddy! Charlotte the 2nd (catcher) has dodged bast 3 players…. beautiful footwork that!
H; Ai but she didn’t see that Daisy coming then did she?
J; How embarrassing for her! The elves are getting well and truly turned over now…. 2 Ko’d 1 knocked down 2 pushed back and the Wardancer Wendy is right on the sidelines now.
H; Ai you ken see the crowd reaching out for her now! But she’s dodged out and the elves have managed to get a partial protective box around her, but there it goes again, that daisy is going to have to be cut for the next game! It’s tripped over Lynnette line elf now!
J; The Tigers are living up to their name now. They’ve surrounded the box and Lara line amazon has run in and knocks out the wardancer Wendy dodges back in to the melee and picks up the ball!!!
H; Definately twinkle boots that apart from the knee in the chin as the wardancer was checking for daisies. Oh but that should’ve been seen by the umpire tha Amazon thrower tania has fouled Lynette while she’s picking the daisy!
J; Heddy this is getting vicious now. The Carving through team of elves seem to have found their knuckle dusters and started to use them!
H; Ai Motty they’ve had a go at Lara with the ball and Layla has knocked out Bonny, the Tigers Blitzer.
J; There are bodies all over the centre field now! Elf and Amazon.
H; Here we go Lara hands off to Tammy who dodges round some elves throws the ball and good drief how did Cleo get there?
J; Sorry about that fans Heddie got a bit of a surprise to see Cleo on the touchline just in time to recieve that lovely throw.
H; 2-0 to the Swynnedon Tigers and the Elf line is looking a bit sorry for itself! Lara Layla and Lola are still KO’d but Wendy and Lyn are back in. Making it 8 vs 11.
J; Not good odds Heddie! You can expect a quick score coming in here.
H; You’re not Joking. Bad kick again from the Amazons. They need to practice their up and over kicks!
J; Ok Tracey the thrower has the ball for the Woodelves but what’s this the elves have fluffed the very first block down she goes. There goes Laura and Brenda for the Amazons they’ve needled the thrower with the ball. Ball bounces!
H; Ooh that’s definately a visit to the blood bin for that elf! Oh maybe not Apothacary runs on flowers applied to wound and she seems ok!
J; Tracey stands up, very plucky elf that. Dodges out and tries to pick up the ball…
H; Must be a bit groggy from the block she’s missed the ball but that gentle bash to the head that Brenda just gave her should revive her!
J; But Laura seems aware of what’s going on cos she’s run through the gap picked up the ball and scored!
H; 3-0 The crowd aren’t happy cos they’ve run on and knocked out 4 amazons Lara Brenda Tammy and Cleo, and Lisa and Lola form the elf team.
J; A hard bunch the Woodelf supporters!
H; The Amazons seem a bit better with the kick this time, well it’s on the pitch this time. But it’s right behind Leena line elf. Wendy and Lyn run round the downed Tigers and run down field.
J; Leena peels back picks up the ball runs to mid field behind the line and throws to Charlotte the Second who runs across the field to protection behind Wendy and Lyn.
H; Neat bit of footwork that good team play ball goes from far right to far left half way towards the touchline and well within scoring distance.
J; Amazons look peed off now though. Here they go straight through the box and grab the ball again that’s it bowl fans there is no way the elves can score from there all their attackers are down and the ball is with the amazons again.
H; There’s the whistle and a 3-0 white wash to the Swynnedon Tigers.
J; There are a lot of Elves ripping up their season passes now not sure haow big the next crowd will be!
H; Match report says that the teams get $40k to the Carving Through team and $70k to the Swynnedon Tigers.
J; Good game that. Just heard from the Tigers Team Coach that Laura did really well and will be treated as a Pro from now on!

H; We’re off down the pub and to get Des out of the Amazons Team bath and Motty out of his Sheepskin coat see you next time….

Bloody long report

Lots of KO’s
Lots of squishing
3-0 to Amazons
Some nifty footwork
Lots of Daisies on the pitch
And new commentators
No change to table
game played weeks ago
new skill to 1 Amazon linewoman
-1 Fanfactor to elves

Game played a couple of weeks back, but report delayed due to atmospheric conditions!!!!


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