Blood Bowl ladder game report 2

Now for a not-at-all-biased match report from Mike, Head Coach of the Wee Free Men. Only 27,000 in the house for a bottom of the table clash between the Wee Free Men and Glenn’s Dark Elves, dusted off from the bottom of a cupboard only to be greeted by a new set of rules and positions! The latest rulebook on is Living Rulebook 4, so where did those rules come from Glenn?

Weather started nice, although there were storm clouds gathering, and the WFM received the ball. Stormed forward and scored within a few turns, breaking an elf in the meantime. The Dwarfs raised the roof, and gained their team a bonus reroll. Then the Elves had the ball and zoomed to their right. The runner (new position!) was looking isolated, and the unlikely portly figure of the Dwarven runner was lining up for a block. Before that, the small matter of a block from the WFM redoubtable blitzer. Double skulls, and the Elves were in after a run, hand off and run. Witch Elf scores.

Was there enough time for a Dwarven touchdown to finish a fantastic 1st half? Unlikely, but a lot can happen in two turns, especially when facing only 8 elves, with 2 KOs and an injury. The rain started to come down, but despite that Andrew Runner completes a short pass to Angus Runner, leaving him completely isolated, and consequently KOd, with his thick skull not able to save him. The Dwarfs weren’t happy, and sparked a pitch invasion at the next kick-off! Despite having more fans in theory, the Dwarfs had obviously been on the bugmans and only managed to stun one elf. Meanwhile, four Dwarfs hit the deck, opening a massive gap for the Elves to forge through on the left, when they received the ball from the kick off.

Lots of Elves deep in the Dwarven half, what can they do? Not a lot. Smack down the runner, but the ball bounces to a Witch Elf, who runs in and scores. Glorious TD making it 2-1 to the Elves, looking bad for the Dwarves. Four turns to save face and yet another entry in the Book of Grudges. Both runners make good progress into the Elven half, but the cage around the ball carrier fails fairly spectacularly. Two Witch Elves jump up, boy are they fast, and make it deep into the Dwarf half before they know what’s happening.

The Big Yin tries to add to his tally of two casualties, but crashes to the ground when going for it. The Witch Elf laughs in his face and romps into the end zone. 3-1, final score. Ignominious springs to mind. Both Witch Elves move up the star player table, gaining extra skills. An extra runner is also added, to make up for the two linemen missing the next game. The Dwarfs don’t benefit at all, just being 50k richer.

There will be vengeance.


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