Blood Bowl ladder game report 4

Kabal Vision – Friday Night Blood Bowl Game

Craig’s Buzgob’s Boyz vs Paul’s Mork’s Marauders.

Over to Des and Gary in the Commentary Booth.

D. Well Gary, it’s not really a Blood Bowl game tonight as much as a Blood Bowl fight! – its Orcs against Orcs this week. Buzgobs Boyz are playing Morks Marauders tonight.G. That’s right Des. Brought to you as always by Kabal Vision.

D. Well, this game has attracted a very good crowd of 41,000 Orcs and Gobbos, plus the odd Troll around.

G. And a very nice evening for it Gary. Perfect Blood Bowl weather.

First Half

G. Well Des, the Marauders receive the kick and have formed a pocket.

D. That’s right Gary, and the Boyz are finding it hard going against that wall of Black Orcs and that Troll.

G. I see the ball carrier is working his way along the touchline Des, surrounded by a wall of Marauders.

D. The Boyz seem more concerned with covering the two Marauder Blitzers that have got up-field, Gary, than attacking the pocket with the ball.

G. They obviously don’t know, Des, that the Marauders are not a passing team – that Thrower has not got one pass off all season!

D. That’s right Gary, the Marauders are very much a running team. Oh look – there he goes – that Thrower has run in a touchdown! One – Nil to the Marauders.

G. Okay, Des, the Marauders kick off and the Boyz have the ball. They are still finding it really difficult to get receivers up-field against that huge wall of green on the line.

D. And the Marauders have managed to knock over any receivers that could score.

Second Half

G. Okay, Des, the Marauders kick off again and the Boyz Thrower has got the ball.

D. And the Boyz don’t seem to believe in pass-protection pockets, Des, that Thrower is very exposed.

G. Look Des, that Marauder Black Orc has knocked over the Boyz ball carrier and the ball has gone into the crowd.

D. Wow, what a throw Gary, the ball is back on the half-way line!

G. That’s right Des, and it dropped right next to the Marauder Thrower, who has picked the ball up and is running it back along the same touch-line he used earlier.

D. Well there is a lot of hitting going on Gary. That Marauder Goblin has been injured and Seriously Hurt. I bet they won’t waste an Apothecary on him!

G. Hang on Des, the Troll has got the Apothecary by the throat! Looks like the Apothecary is treating the Troll’s little mate after all!

D. Back to the action, and the Boyz are not doing any better at getting the ball back, Gary.

G. Well, history has repeated itself Des, the Marauder thrower has run in another Touch Down! That’s Two – Nil to the Marauders now.

D. The Boyz crowd have started fighting with the Marauders supporters, Gary, and they are throwing spears and all sorts at each other.

G. Blimey Des, did you see that! That troll in the crowd threw an enormous rock at the Marauders team and killed that Black Orc stone-dead!

D. Yep, Gary, that was one big rock! And because the Marauders used their Apothecary on that Goblin, there is no-one to look after the Black Orc! Back to the action on the pitch and the Marauders have kicked off again, but the ball has been dropped by the Boyz and there is an almighty ruckus breaking out around the ball.

G. Yes Des, there are so many players around the ball that it just keeps bouncing from hand to hand. That ruckus looks set to last until the end of the game.

Post Game Analysis

D. Well Gary, a good 2-0 win for the Marauders. That lifts them to third place in the SAD Blood Bowl Ladder. There was a surprisingly large amount of injuries for a game involving Orcs. Both teams used their apothecary and suffered at least one other casualty.

G. That’s right Des, but then most of the players did a lot of hitting! The medic says that Boyz number 9 will miss the next game. Overall the Marauders got the better of the fighting, and for Orcs that means a big advantage.

D. That’s right Gary, the Boyz were down to nine players for most of the second half.

G. Mind you, Des, Orcs are cheap to hire and the good crowd meant a good payout.

D. Yes, Gary, the Boyz got 70,000 GP and bought a new Black Orc, and the Marauders got 90,000 GP and bought a replacement Black Orc.

G. No change in team fan factors though.


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