Blood Bowl ladder game report 5

Kabal Vision – Thursday Night Blood Bowl Game

 Simon’s Green Goddesses vs Paul’s Mork’s Marauders.

 Over to Des and Gary in the Commentary Booth.

 D.  Well Gary, it’s a battle for the top of the table this week.  Can anyone every beat those Wood Elves?G.  Well, Des, this game has a very small gate of 19,000, so it doesn’t seem to have attracted much interest.

D.  But a very bright, dazzlingly sunny evening, Gary, which will help the Orcs more than the Goddesses.

 First Half

 G.  Well Des, the Marauders receive the kick and have formed a pocket.

D.  That’s right Gary, but that Wardancer has jumped in and got the ball free.  Touchdown to the Goddesses.

G.  Well Des, the Marauders have receive the next kick and have formed a pocket again.

D.  But it’s done them no good, Gary, that Wardancer has got in and has passed to a Catcher who has scored a second touchdown! 

G.  Well, the Orcs have only got two turns to score, and the Goddesses have got all the receivers pretty well covered.  Hello, the Orcs have thrown the ball to the Gobbo, who has got the attention of his Troll mate.  And the crowd are going to love this, Des, the Troll is about to throw his little buddy!

D.  That’s right Gary, the little lad goes flying through the air – and he’s landed on his feet and strolls in for a touchdown to the Marauders!

 Second Half

 G.  Okay, Des, the Marauders kick off the second half, and the Goddesses are getting receivers free and up-field.

D.  And the Marauders don’t seem to believe be able to cover them all Gary.

G.  Your right, Des, the Goddesses have scored their third touchdown.  Well Des, the Marauders receive the kick and have formed a pocket.  Third time lucky?

D.  No Gary, that Wardancer has jumped in for the third time and got the ball free for the third time. 

G.  Hang about Des, the Wardancer has tripped whilst dodging and dropped the ball!

D.  And an Orc Blitzer has picked it up, Gary, and tried to throw it up-field.  But the pass goes wide.

G.  But its not clear cut Des, the Goddesses have three players injured and three knocked out, and I think the Marauders team will get to the ball first.

D.  Yep, Gary, those green-skins have mobbed the ball and a Blitzer has broken free to get a consolation touchdown on the last turn!

 Post Game Analysis

 D.  Well Gary, a comfortable 3-2 win for the Goddesses.  That keeps them top of the SAD Blood Bowl Ladder. 

G.  That’s right Des, and of their 3 casualties, only one of them was Seriously Injured and has to miss the next game.

D.  Yes, Gary, and the Goddesses get 20,000GP.  However, the Marauders have done a bit better, getting 30,000GP, and the Marauders are plus one fan factor!

G.  Two of the Goddesses have got skill upgrades, Des, and one Black Orc has got one too.  Also, the Marauders have bought a new Blitzer.


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