Campaign Battle Report – Skaven v's Ogres

Simon’s Skaven v’s Andy’s Ogres.

Ogre forces:
1 Bruiser (brace of pistols)
1 Butcher
3 x Ogre Bulls (full cmd)
3 x Ogre Bulls (full cmd)
3 x Ogre Ironguts (full cmd)
2 x Ogre Lead belchers
2 x Ogre Lead belchers
3 x Yhetees (inc leader)
18 x Gnoblars
1 x Giant

Skaven Forces:
1 Chieftain (Warpstone Amulet – 4+ Ward Save)
1 Plague Priest
10 x Stormvermin (full cmd) + ratling gun
21 x clanrats (spears, full cmd) + ratling gun
20 x clanrats (spears, full cmd) + ratling gun
20 x clanrats (spears, full cmd) + ratling gun
20 x clanrats (spears, full cmd) + ratling gun
20 x slaves
Giant rat pack (6 rats + handler)
6 x Jezzail teams
19 x plague monks (extra weapon, full cmd)

Territories staked:
Andy – Forest (+2 warmachines, Skirmishers)
Simon – River (+10 points)

The Ogres set up on their 12″ mark, all chomping at the bit and ready to turn the Skaven into so much rat pate.
From right to left (Ogres view)
Leadbelchers, gnoblars, bulls, ironbreakers+General, bulls, lead belchers, butcher, yhetees.
The Giant set up just behind the General.

The Skaven (set up only 10″ in) were ready to act as a speed bump and then run screaming like little girls.
From left to right (Skaven view):
Plague monks + Priest, Slaves, Stormvermin, clanrats + general, clanrats, clanrats, clanrats, rat pack.
The Jezzails set up on a hill immediately behind the Stormvermin.

The opposing armies therefore started 26″ inches apart.
The terrain in the centre of the table was all low level which did not impede line of sight. A wood and some hills were scattered towards the edges of the table.

Turn 1
The Ogres got the first turn, so did what ogres do best and legged it across the table as fast as they could.
The butcher was obviously a little out of breath after his large breakfast and failed to cast any of his spells.

The Skaven sent their rat pack off to the right to try and dissuade the advancing ogres a bit with a potential flank attack next turn. Everyone else stayed where they were, and since it would be rude not to, every firearm the Skaven possessed opened up into the advancing wall of muscle.
Three successful wounds on the Giant from the Jezzails helped to soften him up, while successful hits from four of the five ratling guns took two ogres and one Yhetee off the table, leaving a couple of wounds on the fourth target. One unit of bulls decided to go back for a snack and started to head back up the table.
The fifth ratling gun was a bit over-eager and forgot which way he was pointing before pressing the trigger and blew away four of the Skaven stood next to him before his loader tapped him on the shoulder and pointed him in the right direction for next turn.

Turn 2
The two ogres heading home changed their minds and turned around ready to head back to the party.
The Yethees decided that they had enough shooting and charged the nearest clanrat unit and their associated ratling gun.
All the ogres legged it forwards (leaving just over 6″ from the front ranks of the Skaven) apart from the leadbelchers on the ogres right who only went 6″.
The giant ran as fast as possible and ended up 4 inches away from the Skaven lines.
The butcher managed to get off his magic missile spell against a ratling gun, but this failed to be effective.
Since they had been charged, the Ratling gun opened up on the Yhetees and blew another yehtee to kingdom come, but they passed their panic test and came charging in anyway.
The resulting combat left three skaven dead and a couple of wounds on the remaining Yhetee. Combat win for the Skaven, but the Yehetee passed his test and remained in the frey.
The Leadbelchers ploughed 12 shots towards the stormvermin and flattened four of them, causing a panic test which they failed in spectacular fashion legging it back over the hill (through the jezzails) and off the table. This shook the jezzails slightly and they also failed their panic test, retreating to the far side of the hill much to the relief of the Ogres.

The Skaven looked up at the Giant immediately in front of them and after a few stuff squeaks from the general stayed where they were – all passing their terror tests.
The Jezzails decided that they had better stay in the fight and rallied – but still on the wrong side of the hill.
As the leadbelchers on the ogres right were in charge range of the frenzied plague monks they charged across the field for to discuss the finer points of Skaven religious beliefs.
All the ratling guns opened up again, toasting the giant and a few more ogres from various units, thinning the ranks quite nicely.
The scrap between the Yehtee and the clan rats left another couple of Skaven on the ground and one more wound on the Yehtee who failed his panic test and legged it backwards through the leadbelchers and butecher behind him (who didn’t panic). The Skaven passed teir leadership test and did not persue the fleeing Yehtee.
On the Skaven left, the plague monks collided with the Leadbelchers and after only loosing one of their number in the process managed to hammer the ogres into the ground. The ogres turned and fled but weren’t quick enough and the monks ran them down. The Gnoblars saw this and decided that they had a prior appointment and legged it.

Turn 3
The Gnoblars failed to rally and legged it 11″ back towards their table edge.
The Yehtee rallied.
One unit of bulls charged into the generals unit (avoiding the ratling gun) while the generals unit attempted to charge the unit next to them (which included the ratling gun). By some miracle, the Skaven stood their ground and recieved the charge.
The gun opened up on the generals unit as they charged in, blowing all the remaining ogres, apart from the general, to the four winds. The general then decided that charging in wasn’t such a good idea and pulled up short.
The lead belchers with the butcher took a pop at the clanrats on the Skaven right and knocked another couple of rats to the ground.
The bulls who had charged in did their impact hits and squished 3 skaven before flattening another couple. The rats replied causing 3 wounds on the ogres with their second rank of spears. The ogres fled and were run down by the rats.

The Jezzails wandered back up to the top of the hill to see what was going on while all the ratling guns opened up again. Killing another couple of ogres. One ratling gun wasn’t looking again, but luckily his shots went forward even if they missed all the ogres stood in front of him.

Turn 4
The Yehtee charged into the giant rat pack and the general headed in to the clanrat unit in front of him.
(From this point both Andy and myself forgot about his fleeing Gnoblars as they were right next to his “reenforcements” pile, so it was assumed they comtinued to run away)
The Butcher managed to get a Brain Gobbler spell off at the clanrats in front of him, but they passed their panic test on a roll of 3.
The Yehtee and rat pack traded blows coming to a stalemate.
The General flattened a couple of Skaven, but they got the better of him and he fled out-running his persuers.

Deciding not to try and catch the General, the ratling guns opened up on him causing another wound while the Jezzails managed to take a couple of wounds off the Butcher.
The ratling guns blew away the rest of the lead belchers next to the Butcher leaving him on his own.
The Yehtee and rats had another round of trading blows, again ending in stalemate.

By this point all the ogres have left is the general, the butcher, one yehetee and the forgotten Gnoblars.

Turn 5
The General rallied, turning round preparing to be shot at again.
The Butcher managed to get off a brain gobblar spell on the clanrat unit that had charged down some bulls, causing it to run towards the plague monks (who just looked on with scorn). His other spells were either dispelled or failed to cast.
The Yehetee finally beat the Giant rats and then ran them to ground.

The fleeing clanrats quickly rallied under the gaze of the plague monks.
Since the Ogre general was expecting it, the ratling guns thought it was only fair to throw a load of lead in his direction and blew him off the table, while the ratling guns at the other end of the line took the Yhetee out of his misery.
The Jezzails failed to wound the butcher.

Turn 6
The Butcher tried desperately to get his spells to work, but none were effective.

The ratling guns and jezzails turned on their final target – the butcher – knocking him to the ground.

Final result
A nice Ogre massacre for the Skaven.

Andy kept his forest
Simon kept his river (+10 points) and also gained a mountain pass (+130 points)

An excellent game with the Skaven throwing some incredible leadership tests and good high numbers for the shots with the ratling guns.
The Ogres had some terrible throws with both their magic and combat dice.

The “Rats of the match” were definately the ratling guns who took out most of the Ogres on their own. Without any effective shooting the Ogres were unable to target them and remove the threat (unlike Paul’s Dwarves in an earlier battle report….).

Setting up only 10″ into the table also ensured that there were two full rounds of shooting available to the Skaven – a vital consideration when the ogres can cover up to 12″ per turn without breaking a sweat. Without that, the battle would have turned out very differently….