Today we played the game, well actually we played two games!  The first James and I played Hittites and Warren & Mike the NKE.  The game got underway at 9.30 and by 11.45 the NKE flanks were in disarray and Warren and Mike accepted defeat with their chariot force largely in rout.  Following lunch at our local pub we reversed sides – this time the advance on each other was more cautious – but slowly the two flanks collided and unlike the last game the NKE held their ground – the left flank was largely held in place by the aid of the Pharoah and the Army Standard bearer, while the right flank simply had great morale rolls… – While the NKE flanks held against the mighty 3 crewed Hittite chariots the NKE centre was looking decidedly fragile with multiple units in rout – unfortunately we had to call it a day then – but overall two great games with great players.

For those interested in points then in the chariots alone we had something in excess of 11,000 pts of Hittite and  more than 10,000pts of NKE chariots on the table together with the infantry we probably had close to 30,000pts overall.

We did not make army lists we simply placed on table what each of us had for the game in terms of figures, agreed the stat line and equipment for each troop (eg Sea peoples only had shield no light armour) which is nice and easy in biblical WAB, and started playing…  Casualties were typically not removed we simply turned the figures around on the base to keep the visual impact up of lots of troops on the table.

and plans are already being laid for next years fathers day game:

Anyhow on to the images