Massive Dystopian Wars game. –  Peter D/Stuart/Paul N/Simon D

a very large fabulous looking 4 player Dystipian Wars naval battle between the FSA and the combined forces of Britania and  Japan.  British reports suggest an FSA victory

28mm ACW Black Powder – Simon F/Steve B/Mo/Mos Son

A great ACW battle with the Union attempting to hold off a large Confederate assault.  Confederate commanders muttered about black magic voodoo when they saw the dice rolled by the junior Union commander.

28mm Hail Caesar Greeks/Persians – Warren G/Phil W/Glenn F/Luke F

A large Greek vs Persian game which saw the Greeks lose 2 divisions and most of the remainder when the Persian cavalry finally worked their way around to the rear of the Greeks. Apparently ‘they don’t like it up em’

28mm PoW ECW – Warren G/Phil W

A large Principles of War renaissance game using the Early Parliamentarian army against the Early Royalists.  Despite Parlianment winning in the centre with their infantry  the victory went to the Royalists following their cavalry victory on the wings

Flames of War – Rob Bird/Mike

Magic The Gathering – Paul/Craig/James/+2