Well for a 2nd year running a few of us (me, Warren, Mike and Glenn) got together on Fathers day for a days gaming and general sociable time. This father’s day we played a game of WAB2 Egyptians vs and alliance of Hittites and Trojans

The Egyptians were able to muster a total of 54 Chariots, while the alliance could only muster 43.

Lesser troops were also fielded as we were able to muster them, although we have not counted the troops we suspect around 6k points or more per side – our aim was simply to put out what troops we had and if it looked fair it was fair.

As you can see from the initial pictures the troops were arrayed edge to edge on a 12ft by 6ft table in my games room. Very little scenery was used (ok limited to two small palm tree groves – which if you look closely seem to teleport around teh board as we deemed them to have no effect on play, additional we had a small town on one edge of the table for visual impact (wall from Little Green Man range now sold by blackcatbases.com)

In short order the chariots clashed on both flanks with the Hittite on the left make headway against the pharaohs finest, although on the right flank near the city walls the Trojans were not favoured by the gods and were quickly destroyed by the Pharaohs son’s noble charioteers, although the Trojan King was able to press the alliance cause – eventually he and is escort fell to the Egyptian massed archery.

It should be noted on this day that the a single Unit of Hittite spearmen on a huge leadership of 5 were able to withstand several attack from the noble Egyptian charioteers, and indeed had two regiments of chariots in full flight, they were able to press their victories deep into the Egyptian deployment lines and only succumbed to a combination of attacks from the Libyan allies of the pharaohs son.

Slowly the Egyptians were able to make headway with their chariots commanding the battlefield, although the alliance foot were able to make short order of the pharaoh’s lesser troops it was the chariots that doomed the day for the alliance.

Overall a superb game played in about 6 hours as we had a short stop for a pub lunch.

My thanks to Warren, Mike and Glenn for a superb day’s gaming and we have agreed next years father’s day game will be either ECW or 30 years war.
Now I hope you enjoy the eye candy as much as we enjoyed the game .