Kabal Vision – Wednesday Night Blood Bowl Game

Kath’sWimpy Willows vs Paul’s Gorgoth Earthshakers.

Over to Des and Gary in the Commentary Booth.

D.  Well, Gary, this Chaos Cup Tournament game has attracted a reasonable crowd of 10,000 Chaos Dwarfs and 11,000 Wood Elves.

G.  And a very nice evening for it Des.  Perfect Blood Bowl weather.

First Half

G.  Well Des, the Earthshakers receive the kick, and the Chaos dwarfs on the line have started hitting the Elves.  Woops, those Hobgoblins can’t seem to pick up the ball!

D.  That’s right Gary, and the Willows are closing in fast.

G.  Bit of a scrap around the ball, Des, but the Hobgoblin with the Silver hat has got the ball and passed to the Hobgoblin with the green hat who has run in a touchdown.

D.  Well, Gary, after the restart the Willows have the ball and have moved downfield.

G.  Wow, and early pass, Des, that took the Earthshakers by surprise.  A fine catch by the Willow Blitzer.

D.  But the Blitzer is standing too close to the side line Gary.  Yep, a Bull Centaur has pushed her into the crowd.

G.  Well, that was a desperate scrap for the thrown in ball, but the Willows passer has got the ball back, and the Willows catcher is unmarked in the end zone.

D.  That’s right Gary, and here it is – a pin point pass!  But wait, the catcher has dropped it!

G.  No-one can believe it Des – an elf catcher dropping a perfect pass!

Second Half

G.  Well Des, the Willows receive the kick, and have formed a pocket.

D.  That’s right Gary, but there don’t seem to be as many Willows as before, the Dwarf hitting has taken its toll.

G.  Yep, and its doing it now.  That Bull Centaur has broken in and knocked over the ball carrier.

D.  Well, the Elves usually excel at this sort of loose play, but they are running out of Elves!

G.  Too true Des, and the Hobgoblin with the green hat has run in another touchdown!

D.  Okay, after the restart, this time the Willows have got their pocket up field and are about to throw.  Oh no, the pass failed!

G.  And defying all dice odds the Bull Centaur has got the ball and run in another TD.

D.  Well, there’s the final whistle.  Three nil to the Earthshakers.  A fair result Gary?

G. Not really Des, the score flatters the Earthshakers.  The Willows had horrible luck.