It was another robust session with a wider variety of games in play.

  • WH40K Chaos vs Blood Angels
  • WHFB Tomb Kings vs Ogres
  • Malifaux – Resurectionists vs Arcanists
  • Malifaux – Resurectionists vs Neverborn
  • Flames of War – a series of 3 battles within the Arnhem Market Garden Firestorm campaign
  • Legend of the 5 Rings mini tournament
  • Magic the Gathering multi-player card game

Please Note – ┬ánext week is the clubs AGM. Please don’t set up any tables for games until after the meeting. No games should take place during the meeting. The AGM will start at 7.30pm. If you have anything you want raised please send it through to me or Phil Wynne, or add it to the forum discussion.

All Posts are up for re-election.  Nominees so far;



  • Peter David


  • Glenn Foden,
  • Phil Wynne

Membership Secretary

  • Tony Francis
  • Graham Philpot + Stephan


  • Paul Belcher