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Hordes of the Things Campaign 2013

(Updated 1st March)


The campaign will be fought by individual players throughout the month of March 2013 using the Hordes of the Things rules which are available to download for free from;

(just scroll down to Hordes of the Things a little over half way down).


The final battles will take place on the last Wednesday in March (the 27th) to decide the campaign winner.


Basic Campaign Rules

The campaign is about conquering Territories, which you get by fighting against other campaign players.  The campaign winner will be one of the two players with the highest number of Territories.


Campaign Armies

Each campaign player will select a themed army that he will use for the whole campaign.  All armies should be based (or sabot based) to reflect the 25mm basing sizes from the rules.  Whilst the widths are fairly defined with 60mm frontages players are allowed to increase base depths to facilitate figure placement (see page 9 of rules).


Campaign Army Restrictions

You start off with an army of 24 points, but this can only include one character.  The Army is limited to one Core Troop type chosen from Riders, Shooters, Spears, or Blades in addition to any additional troop types associated with the three initial territories chosen at the onset of the campaign.  This will mean that you will always have access to your core troop no matter how dire the campaign may prove for your army.  However, you can increase the size of your army and alter it’s composition by adding in the benefits of Territories gained through battles.


Elements vary in cost


AP Cost per element

Aerial Hero


God, Dragon, Paladin, Behemoth, magician, other hero


Airboat, Artillery, Sneakers, Clerics


Flyers, Knights, Riders, Beasts, Blades, Spears, Shooters, Warbands


Hordes, Lurkers



An army’s total collective of 6AP, 4AP, and 3AP elements must not exceed half of the total AP for the army.



The Umpire (Warren Gleeson) will generate a list to record the Territories of each player.  Each player will start with 3 Territories from the campaign Territory List (see attached sheet).  One Territory must be designated a players ‘Capital’.  This Territory may never be staked or lost.  To start the game choose 3 Territories from the Territory List.


How To Fight Each Other

Simply challenge an opponent who is also taking part in the campaign.

Battlefields should be 3 foot square and made in compliance with page 11 of the rules, or in a mutually agreeable fashion.

Each player will stake one of their Territories on winning the battle.  At the end of the battle, if one player wins the battle (as opposed to it being a draw) then an extra Territory is randomly generated and the winner picks which two of the three Territories he will keep.  The loser keeps the remaining Territory.  Note that you KEEP the Territory rather than just getting the benefits for one battle.  In addition, players will receive two Campaign Points for a draw, and one Campaign Point for each loss.  For every third Campaign Point that a player earns, one random territory may be added to their empire.  For example, a player who scores two draws in consecutive battles will have 4 Campaign Points, and may therefore have one extra Territory randomly generated.  They also carry the ‘extra’ Campaign Point over, so a further draw will generate another Territory.  This is designed to reward players who play games, regardless of the result.


Territory Imbalance

Where one opponent has twice, or more than twice, the number of Territories than the other, a Raid is in effect.  If the player with the smaller number of territories loses they get two Campaign Points instead of one.


Other Bits:

  • This is not a tournament and there are no prizes, so please play in a relaxed and friendly manner.
  • No player may play another player consecutively.
  • All battle results must be emailed to me (Warren Gleeson) or submitted in writing on a Wednesday evening.  Any battle results that are not sent to the organiser or handed in on a Wednesday are considered null and void.
  • Battle reports must contain the names of the players, the territories staked and generated and the ownership of the territories at the end of the game.


Remember, your starting army must be 24 points in size and must have only one Character (you!) and one Core Troop Type chosen from Riders, Shooters, Blades, or Spears.  It is also limited to using only additional troop types allowed by the three initial territories chosen, with composition limitations consistent with the core rules.  Please confirm your Core Unit type along with your three territories chosen.


Territory Chart

For your initial territories choose your initial 3 territories.  You cannot choose a Spy Ring or Road as one of your first 3 Territories.  Subsequent territories should be determined by rolling a D66 and consulting the table below.

The table below is still being tweaked so let me know if you spot any issues.

11-12 Tower You may take a Wizard or a Hero (Non aerial)
13-14 Temple You may take a Cleric or a Paladin
15-21 Ruins You may take Sneakers and Hordes
21-24 Hills You may take Warbands and Beasts
25-31 Arsenal You may take Artillery
32-34 Smithy You may take Knights
35-41 Marshes You may take lurkers
42-44 Kings Road +1 point
45-52 Border Fort You may take Blades or Spears
53-54 The Ether Mountains You may take Airboats and Flyers,  (and may make any heroes into aerial heroes)
55-56 Steppes You may take Riders and Behemoths
61-62 Mountains You may take a Dragon
63 Stone Circle You may take a God
64-65 Forest You may take Shooters
66 Spy Ring You have a Spy Ring.  Re-roll for another Territory.

Spy Ring

You can only have one Spy Ring at a time.

Before each game roll a D6 and apply the following:

1-2. Spy uncovered.  Your spy is captured and killed, but not before he/she has revealed the details of your network.  Your spy ring is destroyed.

3-4.  Assassin.  A conspirator attempts to kill an enemy character.  Before the game, pick an enemy character and roll the dice, with -1 to the roll if the character is the enemy general.  1-2 your assassin is discovered and killed.  3-6 the assassin delivers D3 shooting hits against the character.  Resolve shooting hits as normal.  If killed, the character plays no part in the game.

5-6.  Poison.  One of your agents has poisoned a well or water source near the enemy camp.  It will take some time for the effects of the poison to wear off.  On the first turn, every enemy unit must roll a D6.  On a ‘1’ it will not move or shoot.  After the first turn it has no effect.