It’s be a while since the last update so just a quick update to keep up with all the new stuff going on at the club.

There was another very varied mix of games filling the hall with a welcome visit from some lads from Lyneham with their Zombies game which was very well received by those who played.  For those who missed it they will be coming back again on the 30th. I believe that Mark Dodridge actually managed to survive so may have finally found his calling.

Other games being played included

WH40K with the new Necrons taking on Chaos Marines,

WH40K I think between Imperial Guard and Marines

there was a third WH40K battle as well but I can’t remember the details

A large War of the Ring battle between the forces of Gondor defending a city and those of Mordor assaulting it.

A Malifaux scrap between Neverborn and the Outcasts

A Flames of War Vietnam engagement

Warhammer Fantasy Battle between Empire and Ogres

A couple of Flames of War WW2 games

An introduction game to the 28mm Napoleonic to Republic to Empire rules between Russians and French.

Matt mentioned that there will be a briefing next week for the upcoming Warhammer Fantasy campaign ‘Blood in the Darklands’ which should kick off the following week.  Don’t forget that the WH40K campaign will follow from 18th July details can be found on our forum.

Upcomign Wargames shows include;

Campaign at Milton Keynes 12-13 May


The Lincombe Barne Table Top Sale (Bristol) on Sunday 20th May


Attack at Devizes 21-22 July