Week 4 was the flyer-only game, which borrowed heavily from the X-Wing game:


The Imperial team was trying to defend Paul N’s heavy bomber, whilst the invaders tried to bring it down. Two out of the three bombing runs were successful, destroying the invaders base of operations (a chunk of crashed Space Hulk) and slowing their advancing columns, but not pushing them back.


Week 5 was a set of normal 1-on-1 games, which I was unfortunately unable to attend (due to being stuck in London). Deputy campaign manager Andy B managed to take some quick snaps though:

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The games consisted of Paul B’s Crimson Fists vs. Mo’s Chaos Marines, which ended in a draw, and Andrew B’s dauntless Imperial Guard vs. Andrew S’s Chaos Daemons (which decimated the poor Guard in the psychic phase).

With a win for the ‘bad’ guys, the invading forces have entered and occupied the outskirts of the capital city (Signal Point hive). With the Imperial forces still on the back foot, reinforcements are approaching from the north from Corinium Hive across the Brewer’s Treat bridge.