Two games this week, starting off with Andrew’s Chaos Daemons against Ben’s Dark Angels:



Fielding an army with three flying Daemon Princes (and summoning a fourth during the game), Andrew was a cat amongst the pigeons from the first turn, leaving wrecked vehicles in his wake and generally being hard to pin down. A win for the Daemons who spearheaded the invading forces to the walls of the Hive City.


The other game was Bob’s Orks (again, aiming for quantity over quality) against Craig’s Necrons:




Whilst Bob was initially ahead, with a combination of Wierdboy psychic shenanigans and poor reanimation rolls from Craig, a pair of loaded-up Nightscythes arrived to unleash Necron Warriors to contest / claim objectives and blunt the Ork’s advance.

The Necrons had broken off from the alien advance to assault the mining facility, slaughtering it’s inhabitants and delving into the depths.


Next week is the flyer-only (including FMC) battle – each player is allowed a single flyer or flying monstrous creature up to a points cost of 200 points (and it you ask nicely, spares may be available). It does not have to match the faction you are playing in the campaign if you do not have an appropriate one available.

The Imperial forces will be attempting to protect a bomber as it strikes into the advancing hordes.