And so we come to the end of the 40k campaign for another year, and the truth behind the rebellion is made clear – Genestealers had been infiltrating one of the sides in the conflict, turning loyal servants of the Imperium into monstrous hybrids, blindly obedient to the will of the Hive Mind!

As the Revolutionists lost the campaign, it was their forces that had become slaves to the local Broodlord – The Scourge of Bunrell (aka Wallace). The Rebel forces were let in on the secret just after week 6, and before the battle they were able to hide a Genestealer character in one of their units each (except for Bob, who’s Exorcists had been working on the principle of “That which does not kill you, makes you stronger”, to prepare the Loyalist forces for the inevitable Tyranid invasion, under the guidance of Inquisitor Kessler who had been using arcane technology to dampen the psychic call of the Genestealers) with the Broodlord himself (itself?) controlled by Craig (as he was the Rebel Warmaster for the game).

The game gave points for destroying units, with a bonus for destroying super-heavy vehicles. There were also three Artifacts, acting as moveable objectives. (Almost) Every player also received a custom bit of fluff, scoring them extra points for various reasons (sorry Alex!).

IMG_0333 IMG_0334 IMG_0335 IMG_0336 IMG_0337 IMG_0338

In the end, the fact that the Rebels had brought along three super-heavy vehicles to the Loyalists zero contributed to the Rebels winning the game, meaning that although the rebellion had been crushed, the planet of Bunrell was still infested with Genestealers, some of whom may even have managed to escape to nearby systems… (dun dun dunnnn!)


And here are the winners (from left to right):

Paul Nettle of the Rebels, winning the award for most points scored in the finale.

Paul Belcher of the Loyalists, winning the Best General award for the most points in weeks 1-6.

Mo Jones of the Loyalists, the runner-up for the most points in weeks 1-6.

Bob Becker of the Revolutionists, winning the Sportsmanship award which was voted for in week 6.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everybody for participating!