Our Roving reporter and Photographer was In Henryberg at the time of the fateful shoot out! from his roof top vantage points he managed to get a couple of pictures of the occurrences!

Droopy’s fighting off Rangers at the back of the Store!

Droops vs lone Stars 2

A travesty a miscarriage of justice! 3 hard bitten, overpaid, Lawmen stopping law abiding citizens from having a drink in their local Taverna!

Droopy’s fighting off Rangers from the front of the store!

Droops Vs Lone stars

As can be seen from the picture above the Rangers were definately picking on a single man strolling through the streets minding his own business!

Luckily we were there to expose the true picture of what happened!

The same reporter tracked the Lone Stars to Sharpsville (Out side of the Texas Rangers territory!) where he managed to catch this photo of the Citizens making a withdrawal from the bank! Obviously they were armed because it was a large amount of cash they were taking out!

Bank robbery

Other photo’s of the feindish activities of these “Lawmen” will be reported by your ever vigilant “Le Soleil” Journal.

The Editor