The silence was broken by a scream as Maggie Walsh ran out of the First National Bank of Henryberg.
“They’re robbing the bank” she yelled as she flew towards the Sheriffs office, skirts flying.

Hank, the Sheriff wasn’t in his chair – he’d had to pop over to the Southerby’s Ranch to discuss the spate of apple scrumping that had been taking place, so hearing the disturbance from his pic-nic in the local park, Captain Tundril and his Lone Stars sprang into action.

The “Flying G Ranch” Gang of Outlaws were just coming out of the bank as the Lone Stars got into position. Half the Lone Stars were behind walls on the far side of the road while the remainder were stationed just in front of the Outlaws getaway vehicle (an old haywain).

Bursting from the bank, one Outlaw let loose with a Buffalo gun and poor Earnie Hadshaw was literrally blow into the next world. Two of his companions also hit the dirt as bullets started flying.
Two civilians also hit the dust as the Outlaws caught them in the crossfire.
As retaliation, four outlaws were put down by the Lone Stars and things started to settle down a bit.

Hiding behind the fence surrounding the bank, the Outlaws started a barage of fire at the Rangers and succeeded in putting another two men into the dust.
Returning fire and slowly closing in to the Outlaws side and rear the Lone Stars put another two Outlaws into the dust.

The new Ranger volunteer, Broken Paw – an apache warrior kept doing jack-in-the-box impressions by diving for cover every thing he was shot at.

Finally after the banks fence had soaked up a vast number of bullets, another Outlaw went down and the leader decided that discretion won over greed and rapidly led his men out of town with the cheers of the towns folk chasing him.


Paul H-C put up a very good defence, boldly using Fame points to boost his shooting rolls (which were very good to start with) which resulted in 3 Lone Stars being taken out of action in his first round of shooting. One (Earnie) being killed outright as it turned out.

By some miracle, the remaining Lone Stars who managed to avoid the civilians that Paul had put in their way finished off four Outlaws, so things were evened up a bit.

The remaining game was a bit of a “dodge the civilian” as they kept popping up in the most inoportune places which prevented the Rangers from taking their shots.

Paul was hampered by the fact that he kept three of his men in the bank holding the loot counters, so by the time he brought them out, his Posse was seriously depleated and the Rangers had started to surround him.

Nevertheless, this was a very hard fought game and at several points I thought he’d got it in the bag, but luckily most of his successful shots failed to wound my men.