The scene was set – the Greenhow Gang of Outlaws were planning the mother of all BBQ’s and needed several head of cattle to make the party a success so it was off to the local herd to see what they could “borrow”.

Farmer Jacobs had heard about the BBQ on the underground grapevine, so had invited the Lone Stars, a posse of Texas Rangers, to a bit of a sleepover at his ranch in the hope that this would prove to be a bigger hit with the locals.

As dawn broke, the Greenhow gang started over the fields only to be confronted with a very long, barbwire fence. They couldn’t climb it, they couldn’t go under it, they couldn’t go round it – they’d have to go through it.

Spotting the outlaws against the morning sky, the Lone Stars finished their third round of toast and headed out to the herd to try and see the rustlers off.

Bobby Shaw and Jessie Bones – both new volunteers with the Lone Stars seriously over estimated the Greenhow’s resolve and were dropped by some fancy shooting from the outlaws who elected to try and put the Lone Stars to flight before they cut the fence.

As gunfire erupted across the fields, there were cattle stampeding everywhere – Deputy Lacey had a narrow escape as one longhorn tried to use him as a horn ornament, but mostly they were running away from the gunfire of the Rangers who were taking pot-shots at the Outlaws.

Farmer Jacobs must have constructed one of the best barbed wire fences history has ever seen as the number of bullets that it stopped while the Outlaws hid behind it was incredible.

Finally, Ernie Hadshaw and his side-kick Richie Hoskins made it to the fence a long way from the Outlaws and started a barage of shots to keep the outlaws heads down.

Faced with being caught in the cross-fire from the main body of Rangers and this duo the Greenhow’s decided that they’d try to BBQ a bit of Quorn instead of Prime-rib and legged it.


It was a very interesting game, with cattle running all over the place once the gun-fire started – usually managing to get in the way of any shots that either side were planning to make.

Deconstructing the game afterwards we decided that had Stuart cut the fence early on, a fair number of cattle would have stampeded in his direction and made it easier for him to guide them off the table.