Pete, Stuart and I decided to have a bit of a street battle after the

Sunday game in October.

Obviously Stalingrad came up straight away and was decided upon.

Then the Snowball started to roll!

It started off small, 3 of us, and then more interest was shown!

So 8 of us started the game on Thursday 27th December 2012.

A 12″ by 4″ board was used, with Mamoyan Kirgan in the Centre and a mass of Buildings covering the rest of the board.

Small ruined dwellings and large tractor factories covered the board. Roads and Railway tracks were everywhere!

Each player had 2000points of troops. Artillery was firing “Across the Volga” for both sides.

3 105mm Batteries for the Germans. 6 Observers on table

2 Batteries for the Soviets. 1 of 4 76mm and 4 122mm, the other 8 122mm. 4 Observers on table.

No points used for these assetts.

Historical restraints were put on what troops and vehicles/tanks could be selected for each side.

3 objectives per pair of players. 1 in the middle and the other 2 one on each side. 1 point was given for each turn a central objective was held at the beginning of the players turn unopposed, 3 points for each objective held on the opponents side of the table! None for holding your own objective.

Battle commenced and was very viscious  all the way across the board.

The game was played through for only 3 turns! (large games are always slow) This was hampered by people having to get used to the new terrain and the rules which were from the Version 1 Stalingrad book.


A very good game was had by all and the victory was very close….

The Soviets won by only 1 point!

Mind you the final score was 1-0. Objectives were being tussled over all the way through from turn 1.


Give it a go it was great fun.