There was a great turn out for the Sunday game day at the club. We had three large multi-player games all going on throughout the day with a few other club members drifting in to chat and watch.

There was a large 5 player 28mm Napoleonic game fighting the northern half of Borodino (scaled down) using the General de Brigade deluxe rules. With over 36 French battalions of 36 figures each assaulting the Russian lines of 24 battalions of 32 figures with supporting artillery on each side the infantry action looked amazing. The cavalry action to the north with 6 French regiments of 24 figures taking on the slightly smaller Russian force of dragoons and hussars. In the end the game reached a conclusion with the French infantry eventually forcing the Russians from their positions though to the north the Russians seemed to hold their own even defeating the French cuirassiers despite losing one of their dragoon regiments to the French canister.

There was a massive 5 player Warhammer 40K game being fought out among the ruins of an impressive city. Given the table was 12 foot long and 6 foot wide it looked amazing. It was definitely a game to show what Warhammer 40K is really all about.

The third large game was a big 4 player Flames of War sea borne assault by Allied forces against the dug in axis forces. With massed allied armour coming ashore in the landing craft forcing their way past the German pill boxes it proved to be a long hard slog for the Allies to breach the Axis defences. It was a very visually impressive game with many beautiful terrain pieces.

It was great seeing such a well supported weekend event, especially considering the number of club members who were away taking part in the Kursk campaign event at Triple Helix this weekend.