Christmas Gaming 28th/29th December

Flames of war Game. Multi-player Western front Battle of the Bulge (8ft x 6ft) – 4 tables

  • Gary B/Phil W/Vince/Paul N/Peter D/James F/Graham P & Mate/Peter B

WH English Civil War. – 2 tables

  • Andy/Derek

Apocalypse WH40K – 2-3 tables

  • Paul B/Craig ???

Warmachine – 1 table

  • Mark D/???



Dystopian Wars game. – 2 tables

  • Peter D/Stuart/Paul N/Simon D

28mm ACW Black Powder – 3 tables

  • Simon F/Steve B/Mo/? – the more the merrier – please ask Simon

28mm Hail Caesar Greeks/Persians – 3 tables (follow up by PoW ECW organised by Phil W)

  • Warren G/Phil W/Glenn F/Luke F/ + Anyone who wants to join

Apocalypse WH40K – 2-3 tables

  • Paul B/Craig ???

Flames of War – 1 table

  • Rob Bird/+ 1

Players in Bold are game organisers, so if you fancy giving something a go just drop them a line.

We still have 2  tables spare for the Thursday, but everyone will need to be considerate when setting out their tables to enable the other games to be set up OK.




  1. As a non-member is it ok for me to just turn up on the 28th or 29th to see what goes on at the club? My experience of wargaming is all a bit historical (30 years ago) so I am out of touch with the new games.

    Please let me know if it is ok for me to attend.


  2. Melvin,

    come along and say hello. These won’t be a ‘normal’ set of club games as we’re taking the opportunity to play some larger games than is normally possible on a club evening.

    The Wednesday evening is also a normal club evening so if you hang around you might see more of what normally goes on – though given the holiday season I’m unsure how many we’ll see.

    I should be there Wednesday evening and all of Thursday. However, if you turn up Wednesday during the day ask for Phil, he’ll introduce you around.



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