Club game at Warfare 2013

A group of us took a game to Reading this year for the Warfare wargames convention. ┬áPeter David, Phil Wynne and myself tried to uphold the honour of the club and gained a lot of passing interest (Maybe it was the big Purple sign with ‘SAD’ on it…).

We ran a series of linked scenarios from the recent Disney Lone Ranger film using the excellent Dead Mans Hand rules from Great Escape Games. We had hoped to run five scenarios but eventually we were just short of time to do the final game.

Our table was covered with period scenery, but pride of place went to the excellent Blotz buildings and train carriages which were provided by Simon and Sue Day. These were styled on the trains and buildings from the actual film but made ‘wargames friendly’ with wider balconies and carriages to allow easy movement of figures.

We had a fair bit of interest, and even recruited a new member.

If anyone fancies a game of Dead Mans Hand just let Phil or myself know. It’s Hollywood Westerns at their best.

Photos to follow.


IMG_2982 IMG_2972 IMG_2989 IMG_2983 IMG_2980 IMG_2976 IMG_2974 IMG_2973-1 IMG_2973


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