Club Meet 11th January

Just to remind everyone that the AGM is on for Wednesday 25th January and will start at 7.30pm.
Just a few reminders;
– Please don’t set up any tables until after the AGM.
– No games are to take place during the AGM

The club evening had a fair mix of games again;

  • 4 Flames of War Market Garden campaign battles
  • 2 Malifaux Games

.       Collodi vs Seamus (Seamus victory 1-0)

.       Collette vs Kirai (unsure but talks about burying were occuring)

  • 1 Warhammer Fantasy Battle game of Ogres vs Skaven (Ogre victory)
  • 1 Warhammer 40K game of Marines vs Necrons
  • Two very large multi-player Magic the Gathering games

Quick reminders that Crusader, the Penarth show is on the 28th January.
Theal (near Reading) is on 11th February, and Abingdon is on 4th March.


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