Club Meet 13th April

It was a change of emphasis for the club games this week with 28mm Ancients back on the tables.

We had the following games on the tables;

3 games of 28mm Ancients for the Ionian Revolt club campaign;

  • 2 games of WAB2

       – (1 Greek major victory and 1 Persian Minor victory)

  • 1 game of Clash of Empires

       – I think this was a Greek minor victory (Mark or Paul to confirm?)

4 Games of Warhammer 40K

1 game of Dystopian Wars

  • Kingdom of Britania against the Japanese (Peter must be our club expert of the rules now given that this is his 3rd game)

2 Magic the Gathering Card games

1 Legend of the Five Rings card game


Club news 

  • Salute is on this Saturday at the Excel centre in London.
  • further details may be found at
  • Paul B wanted to remind everyone about the club Warhammer 40K Tournament taking place on Sunday June – all deposits should be given to Paul – the rules are available on the Club forum. 
  • Phil W was also reminding everyone about the Flames of War tournament at the club on Sunday 8th May.  this event is open to non-club members, though additional fees do apply.
  • The new Clash of Empires rules will be available at Salute from Great Escape Games
  • The new Hail Caesar rules will also be available from Warlord Games
  • Games Workshop are shortly releasing the Tomb Kings army book



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