Club Meet 13th July

We had a packed club tonight with 15 miniature games being played as well as card games and a large role playing session.

There were 6 tables WH40K games out with a general mix of armies on display, including Dark Eldar, Orcs, Imperial Guard, and lot of Marines.

There were 3 tables of Battlefleet Gothic being played (the new Storm of Magic templates looked great as planets)

1 Black Powder 7 Years War with Prussians vs Austrians in 10mm

1 General de Brigade in 15mm with French against Russians

1 WW2 air combat game (Bag the Hun?)

1 WAB2 game of EIR vs revolting slaves

1 FOW game

1 Dystopian Wars game of FSA vs Prussians

We also had a couple of new players come along to check us out.

As space is now an issue Simon will confirm with the Social Club whether we can have access to any of the other rooms on an evening.

Don’t forget that Devizes wargames show Attack is on over the weekend of 23rd/24th July.






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