Club Meet 18th May

It was a Warhammer Fantasy Campaign night at the club last night with 3 campaign games on through the evening.

  • Lizarmen victory over the Tomb Kings
  • Dark Elf victory over the Skaven
  • Empire victory over Chaos Warriors
  • There was also a fourth WHFB game not campaign related
  • We also saw the Japanese taking on Britania in Dystopian Wars
  • The Two Fat Lardies WW2 ‘I Ain’t be Shot Mum’ had an airing in 15mm
  • Two Warhammer 40K games
  • A large Magic game
  • A Legend of the 5 Rings card game
  • and a Blood Bowl game (I think)

Paul B has got hold of the new club WH40K buildings so hopefully he’ll have support to get them ready for the Tournament in June.

Rob B is collecting orders for Flames of War stuff

We have also been asked if we’d like to run demo games at Devizes, Colours, and Warfare.  I have a couple of games ready, but would need committed help to run the games.  Let me know if you’d like to join me (Warren)

  • Attack Devizes – 23rd-24th July
  • Colours Newbury – 10th-11th September
  • Warfare Reading – 19th-20th November




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