Club Meet 21st December

The club night had a good attendance with many different games taking place;

3 WH40K games

1 WH Fantasy Battle (Ogres vs Chaos)

3 Flames of War Market Garden campaign games – end of turn 1

1 Large multiplayer Battletech game

1 Warmachine game (deadly draw)

1 large Magic The Gathering Multiplayer game

1 Malifaux game (Neverborn Pandoras crew vs Neverborn Collodis crew – Pandora won)

1 WH40K Roleplay session

We had 2 winners in the community centre raffle.  Glenn and Vic each won 2 cans of Strongbow.  I’ve currently got them and will pass them on next week.






  1. Warren
    I think the second winner was Vic rather than Cliff….
    but I could be wrong. 😉

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