Club Meet 28th December

During the Day
Flames of war Game. Multi-player Western front Battle of the Bulge
Game 1 – where a small elite force of SS armour was destroyed by American infantry
Gary B/Phil W/Vince/Peter D

Game 2 – where masses of Germans were held to a hard fought draw by the British
Paul N/James F/Graham P & Mate/Peter B

WH English Civil War. – Andy/Derek

Apocalypse WH40K – Paul B, Craig +2

Warmachine – Mark D/Stuart

2 Flames of War smaller battles
D&D Multi-player Boardgame Ravenloft
Malifaux – Seamus vs Collodi – body parts and stuffing everywhere
Magic the Gathering multiplayer
Ankh-Morpork Boardgame


Tables set up for thursdays gaming


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