Club Meet 4th January

It was great to see everyone back from the holidays. There was a full house with another fair mix of games.

  • The Flames of War Firestorm Market Garden campaign saw another 3 battles played, with 2 British and 1 German victory.
  • A large 4 player Malifaux game with various onlookers. The four crews were Collodi with his dolls, Seamus with his undead Belles, Rasputina with her ice minions, and the massed ranks of the Bayou Gremlins. I’m unsure who really won, but there weren’t many left to walk away from the battle afterwards. (OK, I admit it, Peter won)
  • A 10mm Sudan Black Powder game
  • A beautiful WH40K game of Marines against Chaos Marines.
  • Some very large multiplayer Magic the Gathering card sessions.
  • A Legend of the 5 Rings card game.

Simon will ch3eck to see whether we can get the halls for the last Sundays of each month – confirmation hopefully next week.

The AGM is on the last Wednesday of January. Please let us know if you have any items which need to be raised for the agenda. Be aware that no games are to be played through the AGM session at all, so make plans for shorter games.

The Penarth show will be on the last Saturday of this month


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