Club Meet 4th May

We had a large number of players with another varied mix of games.  With the kick off of the Warhammer Fantasy Campaign there were a few games as well as a large number of people signing up for the future (contact Paul Nettle).  Flames of War was also dominant with many people getting ready for the Sunday club tournament (Contact Phil Wynne details on Forum 9.00am start at the hall).

There were two very large groups playing multiplayer Magic the Gathering card games.

3 Warhammer Fantasy

  • Tomb Kings vs Dark Elves (Dark Elves won, thanks to Matt for the loan of the Tomb Kings army book)
  • Ogres vs Chaos Warriors (Richard vs James)
  • Skaven vs ?? (Simon D vs Matt)

3 Flames of War

  • Germans vs Poles
  • Brits vs Germans
  • Brits vs Germans

2 Warhammer 40K games

We also had a game of Call to Arms: Noble Armada

Paul B gave a reminder about the WH40K club tournament on 26th June.




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