Club Night 2nd November

Again another weel attended evening with a mix of games.

There was a large role play session going on as well as a series of card games including Magic and Legend of the Five Rings.

Field of Glory had its first outing in a long time as the first trials of the doubles armies for Burton were being tested out.  Early Carthaginians heavy on heavy spear and heavy chariots facing off against Seleucids with their phalanxes and cataphracts.  I left before I saw the end, so don’t know who won.

Flames of War was on two tables, both games having Germans against Russians.  Phil was ably showing Luke how to win with the Russians, it was a pity for Phil that he was playing the Germans.

There was a large Warhammer Fantasy game taking place between Bretonia on the one side against the combined might of Ogres and Skaven.  It didn’t look like thing were going the way of the bad guys.

A Warmachine game was also played with some beautifully painted figures, as well as a Dystopian War battle between a fleet from Antarctica facing off against the Kingdom of Britania.  again some lovely painted ships on display.

Announcements included memebers to raise their requests for Zvezda 15mm tanks on the forum, as well as confirmation of booking the 29th December as a club day.

Rememeber that Warfare is on at Reading on weekend of 19th/20th November.  I will be there with a club game if anyone fancies coming along, even if it’s just to sit down for a short while.



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