Club Night 9th November

We had another good turnout with a big mix of games being played.

Flames of war seemed to be the game of choice with three battles taking place.

A Hordes game

The first club tester game of the Warhammer Historicals Waterloo game was played using 28mm French and British forces.

We had a WH Fantasy Battle game of Ogres vs Skaven, which the Ogres seemed to be winning

A Warhammer 40K battle (using the recently painted terrain by Tony)

A large zombie apocalyptic future role play game,

A Traveller Role Play game which seemed to involve some rather large ships being destroyed as well as an innocent planet…

There was a game of Ankh Morpork which saw Commander Vimes winning the day

A couple of small games of Magic the Gathering.

We’re pulling together the Zvezda order for Triple Helix, so if you’re interested post your interest on the forum

Don’t forget that Warfare is on in a little under 2 weeks time at Reading.




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